The Encyclopedia of US Stamps

The Encyclopedia of US Stamps
The Encyclopedia of US Stamps

The art and craft of stamp collecting is widely shared by millions of stamp collectors all over the world. This fact is very much recognized. The popularity and worth of the stamp collecting as a past time can not be disputed anymore.

When it comes to stamp collecting, the United States ranks among the first. In US alone, the population of dedicated stamp collectors number to at least 20 million. This love for the hobby is passed on to the other members of the household. No wonder that despite the onset of the Internet and email technology, collecting stamps lives on and continues to spread. Actually, the Internet even paved the way for stamp collectors to meet together and propagate their enthusiasm.

The US Postage Stamps

Given that millions of stamp collectors reside in the United States, it is inevitable that a huge chunk of that millions will also desire to collect US postage stamps.

The United States Postage Stamps

The US postage stamps share and showcase as much history as the nation itself. As such, the stamp collectors are offered a huge selection of models and designes to choose from. It is one fact that makes stamp collecting a more interesting and challenging hobby.

The first postage may not be issued in the Unites States. Still, the US postage experienced many points too. It was in the 1920’s when stamp collecting became so widespread. At the same year, the stamps issued in United States that time had been given considerable value.

This led most Americans in the 1930’s to hoard mint US stamps. They hoped to sell this later on for a higher price. This never happened. Up to present, stamps issued in the 1930’s are still of the ordinary value. They are even used by some in mailing letters. Since then, most of the stamps issued are generally of ordinary value.

Yet, every now and then, high face value stamps would come out. This made the stamps more interesting and definitely worth more money. Some of the sought after stamps are the souvenir sheets, those with errors in printing and hard to find plates.

Today, there are still many to look forward to. Plate blocks of US postage stamps are still bestsellers. They even are what most collectors really aim for, especially the traditional ones. Another hard-to-find type of US stamps are those that come in pairs ang groups.

There are older United States postage stamps that can be acquired for very affordable values. Cancelled ones are also available. Definitely, those blocks of stamps that were barely cancelled are valuable still to the collection.

The Encyclopedia of United States Stamps and Stamp Collecting

This encyclopedia is not only good but a comprehensive almanac of the United States postage stamps and stamp collecting. It leads the reader to the a full scope of everything related to the US stamps.

The Encyclopedia of United States Stamps and Stamp Collecting begins with the ‘stampless covers’ or those mails sent before the stamps came about. It then progresses to introduce the various stamps, starting from the first one issue, the 1845 Postmasters’ Provisional down to the stamps of the 21st century.

It gives details too of the history of the Postal Service as well the different stamp printers. There is even a section allotted for the Bureau of Engraving and Printing. The almanac also showcases the stamps issued for special delivery, revenue purposes and postal stationery. Even more interesting is the feature on the technological innovations in producing the stamps, the history of the movement of the mails and the markings, meters and machine postages.

This is presented and made possible by a non-profit organization, the United States Stamp Society. The organization is dedicated to the study of everything related to US postage stamps, being the successor of Philatelic Plate Number Association.

The United States Stamps and Stamp Collecting encyclopedia is definitely worth your money and time. It consists of 62 chapters usually set according to the historical era. The hard-bound book has 730 pages in it complete with colorful illustrations and materials.

It is a worthy for the serious stamp collectors and very helpful for the beginners. More than being a good book on stamps, it is actually another view of the American history, its politcis, values, technology and culture.

The Encyclopedia will be available starting June. Better secure an order now, to be the first to get hold of it. It can now be ordered online. Do not hesitate. Grab hold of this worthy resource.

The Encyclopedia of US Stamps
The Encyclopedia of US Stamps


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A postage stamp is adhesive paper evidence of a fee paid for postal services. Usually a small rectangle attached to an envelope, the stamp signifies the person sending it has fully or partly paid for delivery. The study of postage stamps is philately. Stamp collecting is the hobby of collecting stamps. Source: Wikipedia.