German Rare Postage Stamps - Vineta Provisional

German Rare Postage Stamps - Vineta Provisional
German Rare Postage Stamps - Vineta Provisional - Germania stamp from the 1900 issue

Germania stamps are definitive stamps that were issued by the German Empire and the Weimar Republic between 1900 and 1922, depicting Germania. They represent the longest running series in German philately and are in their many variations and derivations an essential part of German philatelic collections.

The Vineta Provisional (German: Vineta-Provisorium) is a German stamp made on April 13, 1901 on board the cruiser SMS Vineta. As the postal officer had not been supplied with 3 Pfennig Germania stamps, he bisected his 5 Pfennig stamps (Michel nummer 55) of the series and stamped them by hand with a "3 PF" mark. Mail with the Vineta provisional stamp was sent from Pernambuco to Germany on April 17, 1901. Only 600 stamps were issued making the provisional one of the rarer stamps in German philately.

Country of production : German Empire
Date of production : 13 April, 1901
Nature of rarity : Bisect with overprint
Estimated existence : 600
Face value : 3 Pfennig

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i have these stamps what are they worth?

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I have many of these stamps, from attic of my family who never threw anything away. What are they worth?

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