Australian Inverted Swan Stamp

Australian Postage Stamp - Inverted Swan Stamp
Australian Postage Stamp - Inverted Swan Stamp
The Inverted Swan, a 4-pence blue postage stamp issued in 1855 by Western Australia, was one of the world's first invert errors. Technically, it is a "frame invert".

In 1854, Western Australia issued its first stamps, featuring the colony's symbol, the Black Swan, as did all WA stamps until 1902. While the 1d black was engraved in Great Britain by Perkins Bacon, other values, including the 4d blue, were produced by Horace Samson in Perth using lithography, and with different frames around the swan design for each value.

Country of production : Western Australia
Location of production : Perth
Date of production : January 1855
Nature of rarity : Invert error
Estimated existence : 15 + a partial
Face value : 4-pence
Estimated value : US $37,500 - US $80,000

Source: Wikipedia

Australian Inverted Swan Stamp


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