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The world is just getting smaller and smaller. With the onset of the Internet technology, the email correspondences and the cellular phone, miles and miles of distance seem to be an issue only of yesterday.

However, it is not only the means of communications that makes the world smaller. Sharing something with other people in the other parts of the world is a better way to have some sort of connection.

If there is one endeavor that proves to be worthwhile and interesting in this regard, it is stamp collecting. Stamp collecting is a popular hobby. It is shared by millions of people worldwide. People of different ages, nationalities and languages are able to share the sentiments over their favorite past time. They all partake of the longing to look for more stamps to add up to the collection.

What is it really about stamp collecting that make people love it?

Stamp Collecting

Stamp collecting involves the act of saving stamps from the mails and searching further to gather stamps. The stamp collectors can look for very old stamps of other civilizations or simply acquire high-valued ones. They represent more than the value of the postage service in delivering the letter. It also provides one way of looking into the history, culture, politics and art of a certain civilization.

Collecting Stamps

Collecting can be very inexpensive in many ways. Simply gather all the mails in the household and collect the stamps attached. Some people pursue having pen pals abroad to start on their foreign stamp collection. It will not hurt also to ask other friends . More often than not they will be willing to give the stamps from their mail stack.

Simply seek for another stamp collector and trade with one another. There may be stamp clubs in the vicinity or in school that one can choose to join.

Another way for collectors to gather more stamps is to buy from stamp shops or from the postal service. The ordinary stamps will not cost much, they can be purchased at face value. Some items for advanced collectors and the high-valued stamps can be very expensive. Still these stamps are really worthy, so for a serious collector, the price is nothing.

To get a guidance in stamp collecting, it will be very helpful to get a stamp catalogue. This will showcase the stamps with its details and even the price. It can also be a good way to know the value of the stamps in the collections.

Stamp Collection Equipment

Stamp collecting will have to entail the care of the items. There are actually little equipment required to support this hobby. A stamp collector needs only a stamp album to accommodate the items. Some mounts can be acquired to properly attach the stamps to the pages. Other stamp albums have plastic strips where the stamps can be easily inserted.

Tongs and tweezers may also prove to be helpful in stamp collecting. They are good tools when removing the stamps from the letters. These stamps are not to be forced away from the paper. There is a proper procedure to remove the stamps at the same time ensuring their preservation.

It is best to tear away the part of the envelope with the stamp in it from the rest of the mail. Then soak this in water for a few minutes. The stamp will then separate from the paper as the gum gets dissolved in the water. Use the tongs to pick up the stamps and to mount it to a proper place.

Serious stamp collectors also consider inventory of the stamps as an important element of the hobby. These written inventories can prove helpful to keep track of the collection and to know the details and valuations of the stamps acquired through the years.

Stamp Collecting in an Advancing World

Many people feared that stamp collecting may dwindle as the Internet technology give less reason to send a mail to a correspondence. This was expressed before when telecommunications was feared to overpower the mailing system. Still, stamp collecting remained and flourished.

The Internet technology may even actually be a good thing to for the stamp collector. It may be a good way to meet people who share the same interests. It may even bring stamp collectors together.

Stamp Collecting Software

One good thing about the Internet is that it provides another resource for the serious stamp collectors. It can provide numerous information about stamps all over the world. It can even be a venue to purchase stuff like stamps, stamp catalogues and more.

Some stamp enthusiasts with web sites even developed some software that is something for a devotee to enjoy. The stamp collecting software contains the important information and images and they are all about stamps.

This is also the best tool to organize the collection. It can also serve as a good stamp inventory software. With this, you can easily keep track of those stamps, their numbers, date of issuance as well the purchase prices.

Another better thing about the online community is that you can have such wonderful software products for free. Some web sites dedicated to stamp collecting allow their regular members to have this as freeware. Sometimes, all you have to do to get the software is to give your email address to receive future updates and information. Nothing to lose at all.

So, as you proceed with the stamp collecting hobby, make sure that you grab hold of the stamp collecting software for free!


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A postage stamp is adhesive paper evidence of a fee paid for postal services. Usually a small rectangle attached to an envelope, the stamp signifies the person sending it has fully or partly paid for delivery. The study of postage stamps is philately. Stamp collecting is the hobby of collecting stamps. Source: Wikipedia.