The Ultimate Price Guide in Stamp Collecting

Stamp collecting is the act of gathering the stamps. Stamps are basically the labels placed on the letters as charge for the postal delivery. They are issued by the country or by the post office.

It is considered as the one of the most popular hobbies in the world. This is an undisputed facts. Millions of stamp collectors share the enthusiasm and desire. In the United States alone, there are at least 20 million Americans who pursue the hobby.

Philately is another endeavor related to stamp collecting, although not to be confused. The goal of stamp collecting is to simply collect. Philately on the other hand is the study of postage stamps and other matters related. This does not necessarily includes the act of collecting stamps nor does stamp collecting necessarily includes the study of it.

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The first stamp was issued in United Kingdom. The idea was put forth by an English civil servant Rowland Hill as a postal reform. This suggested for a uniform prepaid rate in the postage of letters. This is to make the system more efficient and less expensive.

It was 1840 when the first one-penny stamp was issued in the UK. It was called the Penny Black and it displayed a monarchy, Queen Victoria. After the issuance of the first stamp, the country witness a large increase in the amount of mails sent.

The quest to collect stamps came next, just some time after the first postage stamp was issued. It was claimed by some that the act of collecting increased when the first lists were issued in 1861. Major collectors then began to consciously pour their efforts into acquiring more for their collection.

The good thing about collecting stamps is that apart from their aesthetic appeal, they give a lot when it comes to history. They are in some way records too of the many aspects, like geography, politics, art or religion, of a certain civilization.

The Ultimate Price Guide in Stamp Collecting

Ways of Collecting Stamps

It is fairly easy to collect stamps. Simply collect all the stamps used in the mails sent to you, especially those coming from other countries and you get your first collection with no expense at all.

Once you have started, you will have a glance of different stamps, their various sizes, illustrations, countries of origin and colors. From this point on, some would choose to narrow down their choices in collecting. Some would go for stamps of a particular country. Some would collect only stamps of a particular decade. Others would be more interested with the hard to find ones.

If there is enough number of stamp collectors in your network, you can easily make trades for the ones you have. You can exchange whatever you have in doubles. You can also ask from other people who are not into collecting. They can simply give to you the stamps used in the mails they received.

The usual way by which serious and advanced stamp collectors acquire the additions to their set is to purchase stamps. Stamps can be bought in stamp shops, auctions and even from other people or collectors.

The Ultimate Price Guide in Stamp Collecting

Purchasing Stamps

Definitive stamps are the common type received in the mail. They are generally printed daily. They can be easily bought from the postage service. There is no need for price guide for these stamps. They are indicated by the face value.

The special type is called the commemorative stamp. It is issued only for a limited time. Commemorative stamps are issued to celebrate an event or anniversary or honor a person or historical figure.

They can be acquired from stamp dealers. Stamp dealers are point persons you can ask questions about the stamps, including the price of certain stamps and even the valuation of your collection. The prices however will vary when it comes to commemorative stamps and some can be really expensive, especially the hard-to-find ones.

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Stamp Price Guide

Any serious stamp collector would know that the stamp catalogue is the ultimate guide when it comes to postage stamps details and especially the price. Comprehensive stamp catalogues could provide the prices of old stamps to the ones recently released.

The stamp shop is the traditional refuge when searching for the stamp catalogues. It can even have its own price list or price guide for the local stamps or for any special stamps the shop may choose to showcase.

There are also further options now, especially with the help of technology. The Internet is a good resource to know the prices of stamps. Stamp catalogues can be purchased online already, some even for free. Web sites dedicated to stamp collecting offer also features like viewing the stamps and indicating their prices. Some can even go as far as classify the stamps.

With the encouraging environment given now by technology and by other stamp collectors to the market, it is not difficult anymore to start the hobby of stamp collecting. Price guides for one educate enough a beginner to know what to expect when buying stamps for the collection. Despite the changes brought about by technology in communications, definitely stamp collecting is still here, to stay.

The Ultimate Price Guide in Stamp Collecting


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A postage stamp is adhesive paper evidence of a fee paid for postal services. Usually a small rectangle attached to an envelope, the stamp signifies the person sending it has fully or partly paid for delivery. The study of postage stamps is philately. Stamp collecting is the hobby of collecting stamps. Source: Wikipedia.