Why Not Join a Chicago Stamp Collecting Club?

People from all walks of life will always find some profitable if not gratifying hobby to engaged with. This is according to the study in the U.S. conducted to some 100 people who were interviewed according to the kind of hobbies they are currently engaged with. Nearly 86.3% responded that they are into collecting, where almost 30% of it were into stamp collecting.

This statistical report goes to show that more and more people are into different hobbies, where stamp collecting is notable gaining a considerable fair share in the market. In fact, in the United States alone, some 20 million Americans are approximately into stamp collecting.

With a great number of stamp collectors, some people have devised a strategy to organize them as well. That is why stamp clubs were born. Most of the states in the U.S. have their own stamp clubs that are situated in their respective cities.

In Chicago, there are some known stamp collecting clubs that can help you with your stamp collecting hobby. The two known Chicago stamp collecting clubs were the Chicago Air Mail Society and the Chicago Philatelic Society. Another group that is involved into stamp collecting is the Collectors Club of Chicago. What is different with this group is that they are not actually petitioning for any members. The group is focused more on promoting the concept of stamp collecting itself.

Anyway, the problem with most stamp collectors, especially the newbies who are not yet affiliated with any of the stamp collecting clubs in the U.S., is that most of them tend to think that stamp collecting clubs are only for the experts. They thought that since they are just still beginners, they seem to not fit with the group.

The point here is that members of stamp collecting clubs were beginners also some time ago, and because they are so much interested with stamp collecting, they feel that talking to people who have the same interests like them would be more gratifying than the hobby itself. That is why they have these stamp collecting clubs.

Hence, if you are in Chicago and if you are a stamp collector, it is better to be a member of a stamp collecting club than anything else. Joining a Chicago stamp collecting club is an added pleasure to this remarkable hobby.

Here is a list of some of the advantages of joining a stamp collecting club:

1. Friendship

Like any clubs, stamp collecting clubs foster new friends. It promotes friendship in a new level of social context, where you do not only get to meet different people but you also get to find people that you know but did not have time to get acquainted with until you have joined the club.

2. Enables you to gain knowledge

The best thing about joining a stamp collecting club is that it lets you learn more things about stamp collecting. Each member in the club tries to contribute new information regarding the different aspects of stamp collecting such as places to get good collectible stamps, tips on how to identify stamps effectively, or some pointers on how to properly “mount” or keep your stamps.

3. Additional activities

Most stamp collecting clubs organize monthly activities for their members. They even conduct some special meetings or seminars regarding the hobby and even invite some well-known people who, like them, are also into stamp collecting.

4. Good trading point

If you are into trading stamps, joining a club is the most profitable way to do it. Stamp collecting clubs conduct trading sessions where members get to trade their stamps with the other members of the club.

Best of all, stamp collecting clubs offer discounted stamps that are really worth collecting.

5. Regular information feeds

Most stamp collecting clubs offer the best for their members. That is why they try to update their members as often as possible about the upcoming activities of the club as well as the future events in as far as stamp collecting is concerned.

All of these things are boiled down to the fact that joining a stamp collecting club can be very beneficial to a budding stamp collectors.

For beginners who thought that they are not appropriate to join the club because of their level of expertise, they do not know that it is that time of their lives as stamp collectors that they have to join some clubs particularly Chicago stamp collecting clubs. It is the best way to gain more knowledge about the hobby, obtain more collectible stamps, and enhance their expertise about stamp collecting.


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A postage stamp is adhesive paper evidence of a fee paid for postal services. Usually a small rectangle attached to an envelope, the stamp signifies the person sending it has fully or partly paid for delivery. The study of postage stamps is philately. Stamp collecting is the hobby of collecting stamps. Source: Wikipedia.