Custom Rubber Stamps

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Custom Rubber Stamps

Today, many companies offer special, eraser-like rubber stamps in larger pieces and sizes, called custom rubber stamps. This is a form of art that is fast gaining popularity. It is an art form that is virtually unknown in Europe. Custom rubber stamps are especially used by non-professional artists due to the convenience it provides while using it. It can mimic woodcuts, but is rarely used this way. The print from the custom rubber stamp is viewed as work of art on its own or one or several stamps are used to embellish a work of art with other components.

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Other materials besides rubber may also be used to produce a custom stamp. In fact wood blocks can be used for same art – it’s just a matter of using another carving material. Wood is much harder and so special tools are needed to work with it. In Europe, wood is widely used, instead of the custom rubber carvings that are more popular in the US. While wood is widely used in schools or by hobby artists, plastic is mostly restricted to professional artists because it's hard to do and takes a long time to make.

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There are several possibilities to vary the look of customer rubber stamp works. Paints, pigments and dye inks all create different effects, extending the use of rubber stamping from paper to fabrics such as wood, metal, glass, and so on. Special ink pads can be purchased that allow for embossing and there are pens that can be used to ink stamp pads with a variety of colors for a multi-color look. All this creates possibilities for mixed media art of all sorts. Custom rubber stamps aid in the production of beautiful pieces of artwork that would need the help of computers. The use of rubber stamps can be combined with other materials to print custom trademarks for companies and corporates.

In addition, use of the custom stamping technique has become widely popular with scrapbooking. The variety of stamps available allow for different looks to any given page.


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Custom Rubber Stamps


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