Stamp Philatelic - Dog Year Chinese Zodiac Stamp

1982 and 1994″Year of the Dog” stamp

Dog (Yang, 3rd Trine, Fixed Element Metal)
Gemstone: Diamond
Color: Navy blue
Corresponding western sign: Libra

Honest, intelligent, loyal, fair, attractive, amicable, unpretentious, sociable, open-minded

Cynical, lazy, cold, judgmental, pessimistic, worrier, stubborn, quarrelsome.

Are you a Dog?

1910,1970– Metal Dog
1922,1982–Water Dog
1934,1994–Wood Dog
1946,2006–Fire Dog
1958,2018–Earth Dog

2006 “Year of the Dog” stamp


Here are another stamp philatelic with dog image.

Stamp Philatelic - Stamp with dog image

Stamp Philatelic - Stamp with dog image
Stamp Philatelic - Stamp with dog image


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