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Commemorative the 50th Anniversary of Indonesia-Japan Diplomatic Relationship

This year the diplomatic relations between Indonesia and Japan commemorates its 50th anniversary. The diplomatic relations between Indonesia and Japan started in 1958, marked by the designation of peace agreement between The Republic of Indonesia and Japan. During the 50 years both countries have been expanding their cooperation and friendship not only in economic, but also in culture, education and in other fields.

To commemorative this important event, a series of activities is held throughout the year which is declared as "Golden Year of Friendship 2008". In order to extend the relationship and promote mutual understanding between the two countries to the next generation, cooperation between countries has beeen planned in the fields of education, economic, cultural, sports and human resources exchange. One of the main events in the year-long agenda is the issuance of a joint stamp series between the two countries.

Unlike other stamp series that have been issued in Indonesia which only presented one stamp design from each participating country, this joint issue depicts five designs of each country; totaling 10 stamps altogether . The five stamps are designed according to agreed themes namely : scenery/mountain, pagoda/temple, flower, traditional musical, instrument, and fish.

World Stamps Pictures - Indonesia Japan Join Stamps


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