Who Were The First Two Men To Appear on US Postage Stamps?

us postage stamp - george washington stamp 1847
us postage stamp - george-washington
us postage stamp with picture of George-Washington
Postage stamps in the United States were not issued until the mid-1800s. The first two men honored by appearing on the face of a United States postage stamp were George Washington and Benjamin Franklin, two of the most notable figures of the American Revolution. There are enough of these stamps around today that collectors are still able to find them. The first two men on stamps were followed by many other people, from Presidents like Jackson and Lincoln to Abbott and Costello, a comic team.

us postage stamp - Benjamin Franklin

us postage stamp - Benjamin Franklin

us postage stamp - Benjamin Franklin

us postage stamp - Benjamin Franklin
us postage stamp with picture of Benjamin Franklin


Anonymous,  July 10, 2011 at 4:10 PM  

i have alot of stamps alot of old ones how do i tell wich ones are worth sending in all stamps passed down to me from great grandmother

Anonymous,  September 8, 2011 at 5:26 AM  

the best way to know what your stamps are worth without laying out any $ is go to the library and check the stamps in scotts stamp catalog. remember this though, when you go to sell yuor stamps, no dealer can pay you for your sentimental value. if you feel the offer is low go somewhere else. if three or more dealers give you approximatelty the same number, you now have a value for your stamps. the rest is up to you.

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A postage stamp is adhesive paper evidence of a fee paid for postal services. Usually a small rectangle attached to an envelope, the stamp signifies the person sending it has fully or partly paid for delivery. The study of postage stamps is philately. Stamp collecting is the hobby of collecting stamps. Source: Wikipedia.