Stamp Philatelic - Rat Year Chinese Zodiac Stamp

Stamp Philatelic - 2008-rat-year-stamp-chinese-zodiac
2008 “Year of the Rat” stamp

Rat (Yang, 1st Trine, Fixed Element Water)
Gemstone: Garnet
Colours: Black, red, white
Corresponding western sign: Sagittarius

Meticulous, intelligent, shrewd, charismatic, charming, ambitious, practical, industrious, eloquent, artistic

Controlling, obstinate, venal, resentful, manipulative, mendacious, vindictive, power-driven, critical

Are you a RAT?
1900,1960–Metal Rat
1912,1972–Water Rat
1924,1984–Wood Rat
1936,1996–Fire Rat
1948,2008–Earth Rat


Stamp Philatelic - Rat Year Chinese Zodiac Stamp rat
1984 and 1996 “Year of the Rat” stamp


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