Ohio Food Stamps - How to Apply

Ohio Food Stamps - How to Apply
How to Apply Ohio Food Stamps

The way things are going today, more and more individuals and families find themselves running out of food before the end of the month. This article is how to get help in Ohio when you reach that point.
  1. Contact the local Department of Jobs and Family Services in your County. Ask for an appointment day and time and if you need to pick up the application or if you can have it mailed to the home. If necessary, you can print it off the Internet at: http://www.odjfs.state.oh.us/forms/inter.asp. Ask for form# 7200 and it will be available to print out, or to fill in and print out.
  2. Take with you all the verifications required (listed in "Things you'll need" above).
  3. Under special circumstances you may qualify for expedited food stamps for the first month.
  4. You will be issued an EFT card that will enable you to access your food stamps on a particular day based on the issuance during the first 12 days of the month.
  5. Again, depending on your circumstances, the case worker will issue you food stamps for one month, three months, or 6 months, or even 12 months if possible.
  6. If your circumstances change, such as you get employment, it is your responsibility to notify the issuing Agency that you are now employed with in 10 days of starting your employment.
  7. I would suggest that you schedule an appointment if that happens and let them determine if you still qualify or not.
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Ohio Food Stamps - How to Apply
Ohio Food Stamps - How to Apply
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