Oregon Food Stamps - How to Apply

Oregon Food Stamps - How to Apply
How to Apply Oregon Food Stamps

In a time of need there are government programs that are made to help those who really need it. Here you will learn how to apply for food stamps. Because no one should go hungry.
  1. First figure out if you are eligible by going to the link below. The link will lead you to the Oregon Food Stamp Estimator which will determine if you are eligible to receive food stamps.
  2. If you find that you are eligible after using the oregon food stamp estimator, print out the Oregon Food Stamp Application Form in the link below. There is a form that you can print out and fill out by hand, or you can use the fillable form that allows you to type your information and then print it out.
  3. Send your application form to the DHS office in your county. Click on the DHS link below to find the office nearest you.

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How to Apply Oregon Food Stamps


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