Texas Food Stamps - How to Apply

Texas Food Stamps
How to Apply Texas Food Stamps

Texas Medicaid may be available to you if you live in the state of Texas, have a low income, and you do not have health insurance. If you are sick and in need of medical attention, apply for Texas Medicaid today in order to get the help that you need.

You can apply for Texas Medicaid in person or over the Internet. When I called the Texas Health and Human Services Commission, I was told that it is a much faster process to apply in person. Therefore, this article is solely devoted to applying in person for Medicaid in Texas.

Texas Food Stamps

  1. The first thing you will need to do in order to apply for Texas Medicaid is to find your nearest Health and Human Services Commission office. There is an online office locator beneath this article. Next, you will need to get a copy of the Texas Application for Assistance, and fill it out. This is the official form you will need to use to apply for Texas Medicaid. There is a copy that you can download beneath this article.
  2. You will see that you can also apply for Food Stamps (SNAP) and Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) on the same application. If you only need to apply for Texas Medicaid, you will check the appropriate box on the first page.
  3. Look over the application for Texas Medicaid so that you will know what kind of information and documentation you will need to gather. Once you have gathered all of the requested information, you can go ahead and complete the medicaid portion of the application. Make sure that your application is filled out honestly and completely so as not to delay the processing time.
  4. Once your Texas Medicaid application is completed, you can take it to the nearest Texas Health and Human Services office that you located in the first step. If you prefer, you can also mail your completed application to the address listed on the front page of the app. Once a decision has been made on your case, you will be mailed a letter. Good Luck to you.
Texas Food Stamps
Texas Food Stamps - How to Apply


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